Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things we love: Black and White Photographs

There is just something about black and white photographs--a sense of mystery, drama, a certain depth that you don't always get in color photographs. Perhaps, it is that sense of a story that you need to dive into, that you don't get to see everything, that you have to close your eyes and imagine the colors. There is also a feeling of another time, another place. The pure lines of black and white photographs can work well in a modern setting, but can also modernize a home filled with antiques. Black and white photographs can go with any color. They can calm a vibrant palette or sharpen a muted color scheme. They can be massed for effect, or they can stand alone. The images can be of anything, pictures you have taken and pictures you have collected. Play with light, shadow, subject matter, size, frames and displays so that it is personal to you, so that it is your collection, and not anyone else's.

                                    Among my first purchases from ebay from years ago
Photographs from 1940s India from a man whose father served in India during WWII.
One of my most memorable family holidays as a kid was in Kashmir, with a view of the Himalayas. I love the idea that his father may have looked out at the same view so long ago.

                                                 A gallery wall via House Beautiful

Curated photographs add a cool vibe at the Hotel NoMad, via NYT

Love the small touches of color against the black and white color scheme
                                                       Metropolitan Home via DecorPad
        Leaning photographs against ledges, chairs, and walls allows for quick switchouts
Vincent Wolf's home in Veranda

Black and white photographs serve as a focal point in the living room
Ellen Pompeo's home in Elle Decor

An oversized black and white photograph adds drama in the kitchen
Ellen Pompeo's home in Elle Decor

Black and white photographs + paintings + prints + dark walls make for a great art wall
Source unknown, via designdumonde
Black and white and sepia toned photographs look stunning against dark bathroom walls
Feirstein & Heckman, Lonny Mag, via DecorPad
               Flowers pop against a black and white photo collection via Maryam in Marrakesh

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creating the story of your home

The homes we love have wonderful stories behind them, telling us more about the people who live there. Think about what your home tells about you. Now think about the story that you would like it to tell, the person you would like to be. It is not about the house we create for others. It is about the home that we create for ourselves. Create the story, then slowly make it happen. It may take a lifetime to finish. In fact, it should. It is not about going to the store and spending a lot of money and finishing it all at once. Instead, it is about surrounding yourself with the things you love, with the people you love, and building a life you love.